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Orion BMS 2

Summary of Major Improvements

  • Significantly smaller enclosure size for 24-72 cell configurations.

  • Roughly 40% lower weight on all models due to the new enclosure design and streamlined (removable) heatsink. Minimum heat dissipation requirements apply.

  • Considerable boosts in measurement accuracy and processor speed allow for more advanced calculations and logic.

  • Direct hardware support for several popular charging protocols including hardware support for SAE J1772 (directly interfacing with the pilot / proximity lines) and CHAdeMO for DC fast charging.

  • Wider input power voltage range (now 12v-24vDC compatible) for better support on heavy vehicles and equipment. The Orion 2 BMS remains fully compatible with 12v applications.

  • Ability to directly drive certain contactors on select inputs (bypassing the need for intermediate signal relays in some situations)–see supporting documentation for details.

  • Completely redesigned multi-unit series configuration (now using Remote Cell Tap Expansion Modules). This greatly simplifies connecting multiple units together in series and improves the overall reliability.

  • New Status LED on the unit to indicate power status and the presence of faults.

  • Addition of 2x new Multi-Purpose Output pins with programmable functions.

  • Significant algorithm and software enhancements to improve overall system accuracy for parameters such as State of Charge and pack health.

    Quick Specifications

  • Capable of measuring up to 180 battery cells per unit connected in series based on configuration.

  • Up to 2x Remote Cell Tap Expansion Modules can be connected to measure higher voltage battery packs (up to 800vDC max).

  • Configurations available in increments of 12 cells in series.

  • Centralized design provides high EMI and noise immunity.

  • Performs intelligent cell balancing (passive).

  • Calculates state of charge (SOC).

  • Uses professional automotive-grade locking connectors.

  • Calculates discharge current limit (DCL) and charge current limit (CCL).

  • Can measure cell voltages between 0.5v and 5.0v.

  • Dual (x2) CANBUS 2.0B interfaces which (fully programmable).

  • OBD2 diagnostic protocol support.

All Orion BMS 2 from Oz EV include: All wiring looms, thermistors, current sensor and data display.

Configurations available and price in AUD:

24 cell - $2100

36 cell - $2300

48 cell - $2400

60 cell - $2600

72 cell - $2800

84 cell - $2900

96 cell - $3100

108 cell - $3300

120 cell - $3400

132 cell - $3600

144 cell - $3700

156 cell - $3900

168 cell - $4000

180 cell - $4200

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